The Mission behind Solution17 NFTs


We are introducing Solution17 NFTs, a collection of ART For Climate Change. Solution17 Young Climate Artists specially created the Art collection to generate massive awareness towards zero emissions, climate adaptation, mobilisation of climate finance and effective collaboration. 

​​The Climate Art showcases sustainable ART that aims to provoke innovative responses to enhance climate resilience, green economic recovery and carbon reduction worldwide. 

Exploring Art for Climate Change to Protect Our Planet
Solution17 will connect people, communities and organisations to the NFTs raise funds to support climate adaptation initiatives. A large percentage of each NFT will be disbursed to implement Solution17 Climate Action Projects.

Solution17 NFTs provides a linkage between bespoke Climate Arts and the implementation of Climate Action Projects to Protect the Planet. Solution17 will continue to work with a community of young climate artists to create NFTs. 

Solution17’s vision is to become the best global hub for climate action. Holding a Solution17 will activate users experience to discover, connect and sell NFTs linked to a Zero Emission, Climate Adaptation, Climate Businesses and Climate Finance whilst giving back to society and the Planet that care so much for us.

  • Connect our community with climate action projects
  • Connect people to Art developed by our climate artists and advocate
  • Raise awareness of on climate crisis and highlights action to solve them
  • Showcase our NFTs to support and raise funds for our climate action initiatives
  • Showcase our upcoming activities and events for the benefit of our community
  • Protect the Planet for ourselves and the future generation
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